A broken bridge

What is a 'problem' and what afflicts the present day world

What is a problem?

A matter or situation that is impeding or harmful and thus needing to be resolved.

The problems of this world:

  1. Ignorance and stupidity of man

Things like crime, poverty, hunger, cruelty towards animal and environmental destruction are mostly but a consequence of this one problem.
And the rest, like cancer and death are only 'realities'. If curable, defeating them are only 'tasks' to be accomplished.
Which again are impeded by that one problem.

“.. Except for the uncontrolled and misguided mind, there is no enemy within this world ..”
  — Gita : 7.8.9 (a book written by men, like EVERY other book)

This gives rise to and is even further compounded with a greater peril of the "illusion of knowledge".
Which further shuts down an afflicted mind from any possibility of letting the right knowledge get in.

Man, by his nature seeks to control and thus dominate what is around him.
And so, many simply 'like' to discriminate and kill.
Now that our civilization is thousands of years old, we already have the knowledge, the resources and the tools.
Yet man wants to remain selfish even though it is understood, how futile and limited his personal life is.
Because of this, he continues to 'waste' his life on trivial things; Often hurting others on his way.
Due to his hunger for 'more' and his eccentricity, that wanting of being 'special' - he is readily sold to irrational ideas.
He thus then often subscribes to the idea of a personal 'god', that 'cares' about him 'personally'.
Racism and sectarianism rise from the same selfish craving of wanting to stand above the rest and dominate.
The structure of our societies and its economy exploit and thus promote this eccentric behavior.
While morality is often compromised over personal gains, life is reduced to "sell and buy", then "show and throw" - and its repetition.
At the level of sects, races and then countries this eccentricity continues and periodically results in eruptions of violence.
Even to this day, world peace dangles precariously on the prospect of mutually assured destruction.

All because man refuses to learn and embrace what has already been learnt.
Primarily because he becomes comfortable in the lies he has been fed with.

Updated: 2020 Jul 27