A baby looking inquisitively

An understanding of our life

What is life?

Life is more a song, a dance than a journey. There's not a 'destiny' per se.

If you had everything like all the food, clothes, jewelry, and there was no one else, not a single other person, can you imagine how empty your life would be.
What would be the use of any fancy possession, your most fancy selfie ?

Just like your body is a part of 'you' and is not exactly you, you are a part of something larger.
Just as an organ of your body by itself alone does not amount to much, you alone do not amount to much.
You leverage a lot from the society you live in. And so you also have an obligation, a responsibility.

How is life best lived?

Be nice, be awesome. Be selfless not selfish. Remember that you are not the centre of the universe.
Be of help in the good deeds of others and help 'life' itself. Live free, learn to learn and learn.

And once you understand - have no fear. Choose your song and dance your best to it.

Updated: 2024 May 21