No God

A curved earth in space

Inexistence of God

Why god

Why do people believe in a God?

Just because it is an easy answer that "explains" everything?
Just because they were told of him referring an ancient book?

Well some one told ISIS that they should kill everyone who does not share their belief, referring to the same or a similar book.

I hope you remember seeing a face in a random pattern. In reality that face is not a 'face', but yet you perceive it for you deliberately make it in your mind.
Similarly humans themselves generate the idea of god.


Beliefs do not require any basis, they can literally be pulled out of thin air.

Some say people must be free to believe in whatever they want to.
But should we condone the belief of ISIS that they have been commanded by a god to kill whoever that does not believe in their god?

Then some say: as long as they do not enact violence, people should have the freedom in believing what ever they like.
But let me give you an example: what if tomorrow some one begins 'believing' that they should kill every one whose names start with a particular alphabet, as some one planted what they now believe is a 'holy book', commanding so, in their backyard?
Those people believing that - might not choose to act on it, but they will continue to pass on that belief to others, write books and songs and plays about it. Any one of their audience may choose to act eventually, or may be incentivized or misguided and exploited to.
Which will result in unwarranted and unnecessary senseless violence, as it does regularly, creating international news every now and then.
And on the global scale, this is exploited by third parties for their own interests even in those dreadful proxy wars.


A religion is a set of such unsubstantiated beliefs.
Just like your name, your religion is arbitrary. It was decided by your parents.
The problem is we join these belief cults without much choice, at an early age when we are not capable of reason.
Just like a taste, religion becomes an acquired habit.
Then in order to avoid conflict, we learn to look away from other belief systems, and let them be; so that they can let us be.

The issues

A flawed fundamental concept eventually leads to much greater faulty conclusions that appear absolutely flawless.
Most do not think by logic and reason but by intuition and how they feel.
Human beings like simplistic, holistic and interesting explanations. On top of that they are debilitated and corrupted with their flaws of 'ego', that 'want' to be special.
This makes them cling on to the lies even in the light of truth. Religion, besides its perks, is a weapon of mass degradation and destruction. This has been quite visible through out the history to this very day.
I think many of the beliefs were originally meant only to be symbolic, just there to present the underlying idea.
However they are misunderstood as 'real' over time.
Additionally the opportunists exploit our weaknesses, of fear and uncertainty and implant their fairy tales in order to take the control of our minds.
These 'beliefs' provide many with easy 'escapes' and gradually they take hold much like an addiction.
This 'belief' business is too dangerous, too bloody, just look at where it has got us today; just how many of us it has got killed.
I wonder how many more men, women and children will have to suffer and die before humanity realizes that there is no god and that we are on our own.

The facts

When you see the videos of war and beheading from Syria and Iraq do you see any God saving them magically? And do you see a devil with red tail and horns killing with lightning bolts? Or is it just human beings killing fellow human beings? Has some holy book been found on Mars or the Moon? Nope - because these are all man-made.
You may now ask: then how did we come into existence?
Let me tell you this, it does not matter how came to be, it does not matter who or what created this world;
when compared to the more important pressing questions of the present. Like what do we do to stop the violence and attain global peace?
What matters more: What part of the world I come from or what I have been telling you all this while.
The question of our origin, is mostly only a matter of past, a subject of scientific research now that we have science, and not speculation.
Still if you argue that who created us, then you must also account for an explanation as to who created the creator?
What matters is the truth that there is no God like character to be seen around.
God is no where. If he was, he would probably be enjoying a 'vacation' somewhere or it would be that he enjoys watching this suffering and killing?
Would you let one of your children burn your other child to death? Or is it that he does not exist?
If he was there, would he not save the children and women and innocents who have been suffering terribly for no fault of theirs.
If you have a theory for that than you can have a garbage self-centric selfish theory for anything!
People just like you and me get tortured, raped and murdered almost every single day in Syria and Iraq. And often what lies at its root is: "I am better, more 'special' than you"; and is often justified with this idea: "for my god is holier than yours" – Madness!
You don't need to fear hell and long for heaven like 5 year old kids that are scared of monsters and cry for a candy. You can still be good, for you know what 'good' is.
Perhaps with an extremely few exceptions, most of you would indeed help a drowning child if you came across one. Do you need a book to tell you that? Even if you did why does it have to come from a God.
Next, death has been another of our great weaknesses. The lack of knowledge as to what happens after death.
Let me tell you this: when we die, its just like taking off the battery from a toy or a mobile phone. Sorry, but nothing happens after that. But that is all the more reason to live to the fullest, doing good, while we are still alive.
Look at your eyes aren't they special aren't they magical, look at your face in the mirror aren't you beautiful?
The only missing component might be goodness, in and around you.
'God' is just and idea, it is the union of goodness in you and me. Together we can realize a 'God' by doing good work. That's it, no supernatural being is needed.


Do not 'believe'! Instead: question, learn and derive the facts.
Stop being self-centered and selfish. Know that you are but just a part of the whole.
We must stop inheriting and passing on the lies. We must stop using them as an excuse to hate and automatically elevate ourselves.
The state of non-violence ('ahimsa' in the language of Sanskrit) is our destiny. The path though does involve inevitable violence
E.g. A peace keeping force may have to shoot and kill those who attack a refugee camp that houses women and children.
My request to the people in Iraq and Syria and around the world is: please know that there is no god, heaven and hell. Every person that you are killing and torturing is in fact your own brother or sister.
If only people in Syria had understood that there is no God to divide them, Shia and Sunni are one, that each should treat the other as equal. Perhaps there would be no need for a war and they could have worked out a peaceful solution instead.
Imagine if ISIS learnt - like really absorbed this single piece of knowledge: that there is no God, that they have been lied to or they have been lying to themselves; that there is no hell or heaven, would they still kill?
At least their "justification" of their discrimination would become invalid. And if not all many of them would cease their 'unholy' war.
Nevertheless, even atheistic regimes have been extremely brutal and violent. Millions have been slaughtered under communist rule that were primarily atheist.
Still, by taking any 'personal' god out of the equation, at least there would be one less an excuse to kill.
If only we all knew: we are all 'one', that there are no Gods, nothing to divide us, perhaps we could have some sort of a 'heaven' right here.
We all have less than a 100 years or so to live. In that time you and I will be dead, but these wars will wage on, lest we stop it.
We need to free the minds from the fear of hell. We need to make it clear that there is no heaven or god.
Eventually We will have set a date, on which humanity collectively concludes that there is no God; This here is all that we have.
I wonder how far in time that day will be, how many more genocides and beheadings and violence it will take for us to get there?
But let me tell you this whether I or you will be alive to see that day or not, it will happen; unless of course we annihilate ourselves completely before that.
Why I am so sure? because it is the natural way of being.
If we can - the majority of us avoid violence. And while we have indeed been inventing weapons that can kill on greater and greater scale, we also have been developing the means to avoid it.
In a world without personal gods, more of us will connect with the spirit of life more. More will see that they should treat others only as they want themselves to treated. More will try to make more of the very limited time that they will ever have by doing more for more lives.
Humans of the future will look back to this moment in time at us and judge: who stood for 'god', and who stood for 'humanity'?
I will not see you in some 'heaven', I wish I see you healthy and happy right here.

Updated: 2018 Apr 28