A cemetery with crosses on the graves

An elaboration of death's significance

What is death?

Death is the irreversible loss of life.
The body that supports the life at some point can no longer sustain itself and ceases to function.
In the absence of a process that could mirror and preserve the state of a mind, the end of the body leads to the end of the personality.
But of course some aspects of the personality transcend death in the form of memories, art and literature, children, work etc.

"Death is the single best invention of life"
  — Steve Jobs

The old must leave to make space for the new.
This is a critical tool that nature employs to make evolution happen.
And see where we are; well at least the good aspects.

Death is a natural equalizer. It dynamically maintains the delicate relationships of the ecosystem
If only we were to control our population growth rate, we could turn around the environmental destruction of our mother planet within a century.

What happens after death?

After death, personally nothing special happens. It is quite like taking off the battery from a toy.
The 'false' idea of a personal afterlife is born from the human instinct of wanting to live at 'any' cost.
In order to support this fallacy many subscribe to the next fallacy of the existence of a heaven and a personal god that overlooks this entire affair.

Seeking to have a personal legacy even after death, is indeed one of mans' most ludicrous idea.
The only legacy that a person should have, should be an impersonal one that inspires the future generation to goodness.

How to deal with death?

Death teaches us the futility of material possessions and self-centeredness.
It is also something that we share with the rest of the world. Trees die, animals die - just as us humans, rich or poor, evil or good.

Remember, death is but only a part of life. That how without death, of those before us - our lives simply could not have been possible.
Learn and understand.

Let not its fear - not let you live.

Organ donation should be promoted.
Recycling one's dead body should be done in the most environment friendly way; One that has the smallest footprint and gives back to the world.

Updated: 2024 May 21